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The Risks of Decomposing Software Components

How the Linux Foundation's Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) is tackling the universal problem of decomposing software components

How Apache Airflow Better Manages Machine Learning Pipelines

In this episode of The New Stack Makers, a trio of technologists, who all work with Amazon Web Services Managed Service for Airflow team, talked about improving the Apache Airflow user experience.

Generative AI: What’s Ahead for Enterprises?

In this episode of The New Stack Makers podcast, Nima Negahban, of Kinetica, spoke about what could come next for companies, especially when new AI technology is paired with data analytics.

Don’t Force Containers and Disrupt Workflows

A conversation with Rob Barnes about how HashiCorp builds intent into Consul so users may use containers or virtual machines in their workflows.

AI Talk at KubeCon

Taylor Dolezal, head of ecosystem for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation talks about Generative AI and how it's eating up data using large language models (LLM) at KubeCon in Amsterdam.

A Boring Kubernetes Release

Microsoft's Xander Grzywinski shares details about the recent release of Kubernetes 1.27 and its key features helping K8s be as stable as it can be.

Amazon Web Services Open Sources a KVM-Based Fuzzing Framework

The open source Snapchange can replay an application execution in a KVM virtual machine, making for easier debugging and security checks.

How Teleport’s Leader Transitioned from Engineer to CEO

Ev Kontsevoy loves talking to other engineers, but after he sold his first startup he knew he needed to learn more about leadership before starting another company. He shared his story on the Tech Founders Odyssey podcast.

Developer Tool Integrations with AI — The AWS Approach

Harry Mower and Doug Seven share how Amazon CodeCatalyst and Amazon CodeWhisperer exemplify how developer workflows are accelerating and helping to create fluid states at this week's AWS Developer Innovation Day event.

CircleCI CTO on How to Quickly Recover from a Malicious Hack

In this latest episode of The New Stack Makers podcast, we discuss with CircleCI CTO Rob Zuber the details, and the follow-up, of a security breach that took place last December with the CI/CD company.

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