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Our Experience in Web Development

Custom web app programming was at the heart of our work for more than eight years. As a result, our company uses well-built development practices to ensure that customers receive robust apps that meet specific business objectives.

Our web apps for customers in the USA and around the world, from websites that are easy to use with CMS to custom solutions and complex SaaS programs hosted on a cluster of affiliate-controlled servers.

At the USA headquarters, we use state-of-the-art strategies and follow the latest trends in web development to create a strong channel of communication between your business and your target audience.

  • Magento. The content management system is designed to simplify the development of highly charged online stores and empower any company.
  • Lamp. This is a bunch of open source technologies (Linux, MySQL, Apache, PHP) that allow our company to create any sophisticated custom web solution.
  • AngularJS. One of the largest and most powerful front-end structures for one-page web apps, you have the opportunity to process client-side data to ensure a more stable work.
  • WordPress. Perfect for anyone who wants to run a simple online store or need a reliable solution for their online presence.
  • Asp.Net. This is the best option when you plan to combine complex solutions with different MS products.
  • NodeJS. The runtime environment for server-side Web apps helps you connect front-end and back-end without using different technologies.
  • Front-end design and programming techniques:

  • PHP


  • Third-party APIs and scripts

Front-end design and programming techniques:

HTML5, Photoshop CS4, CSS5, CSS2, CSS3, Professional, HTML / XHTML, Flash CS4, Javascript Flex Build 4.6, ActionScript 2.0.


  • Languages:MySql 4.x, 5.x, PHP 4.x, 5.x, Apache 1.x, 2.x, Smarty, Pear
  • Structure: Kohana Yii, Zend Framework, Orchestra
  • CMS: WordPress, OpenCart, Joomla, Magento, Drupal


  • Technology: ASP.NET WebForms, AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, Comet, XML-RPC, WinForms, WCF, WPF, Windows Services
  • Language: C # v. JSON, XAML, XSLT, XSLT, XSLT
  • Entity Framework, .NET Framework 4.0, NHibernate ORM, NUnit Test Engine, NVelocity Template Engine, Dynamics CRM 2011, Castle Windsor IoC Container, Intel Common Connectivity, Jquery Client Framework, Sencha ExtJS Client Framework

Third-party APIs and scripts

  • Social Network API: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Orkut,MySpace, Bebo
  • E-commerce sites API: Amazon, Ebay, PriceGrabber and so on
  • Text Editor: TinyMCE Editor, FCKEditor
  • Payment and billing system: PayPal, Realex, Protex, etc.

Magento Web Development Team

E-commerce is one of the most important guidelines in our work, and our USA web development company implement the e-commerce apps with passion and proficiency. Of all the e-commerce structures that make for the development of e-commerce sites, there is no doubt that Magento is one of the leading tool in the field. It provides a stable shopping platform for the development of scalable ecommerce portals. Many store configuration features, such as categories, static page management, pricing, product installation and upgrade, authoring, and marketing activity, are all built on this great e-commerce platform.

If you are considering using Magento, our company offers Magento experience and allows you to configure, customize and maintain your platform.

What we provide

  • Development of the Magento web page from scratch
  • Update your current site with a rare fee structure
  • Including unique ability
  • Change functions to meet special requirements
  • Optimize enterprise productivity for existing solutions

LAMP: Linux Apache MySQL PHP

Lamp s a stack of solutions for building dynamic websites for high availability and high availability for various purposes and properties. The LAMP extensions are as follows:

  • Linux, involving freely distributable and open source operating systems
  • Apache Web Server
  • My Square, an open source relational database control tool
  • PHP, server-side scripting language

The benefits of using the LAMP stack

  • Compared with other technologies, low prices
  • LAMP is a free software program
  • It faster, more flexible and easier than other programs

The developers of a US software development company with extensive LAMP experience know where the LAMP stack energy shines. By combining Internet servers, dynamic components, and databases, builders can create dynamic, database-based dynamic sites that can be easily overridden and provide rich functionality to support users.

Create a site with AngularJS

How to attract new customers?

In fact, accurate navigation, combined with unique product information, user reviews and attractive website design are key success factors. But your competitors are already using all these features, so these are not the current differentiators. What allows customers to choose their online store? What helps US and international customers to buy from your online store? The answer is simple: to provide a wonderful and visible image is to attract the attention of all customers.

Why is visualization important?

It's no secret that good looks make a good impression. The shop windows of any store are what people use to evaluate the service. The same goes for online stores. You should view your product in detail for the customer to follow.

The effectiveness of visualization

Visualization can suggest a variety of things that depend on the situation. In some cases, you need to pay attention to your product's high-resolution photos and zoom options so customers can even see the smallest information. Different environments require the product to be customized for customers to create custom products, choose the options they need, order the ingredients in order, or choose the right size. It is more advantageous to provide design services to companies that allow their customers to rotate visible gadgets in all dimensions or to view 3D models.

AngularJS is the most effective way to develop visualizations

The AngularJS framework is designed to optimize server requests and make data work on the front end. The Web app downloads the server data once and then calculates it in the browser without delay. That's why programs with AngularJS reduce server load requirements and faster response time. These elements ultimately lead to satisfied customers.

The experts in the USA, our development company, are certainly positive, and in corner-based products, customers can create a visible model in their products faster and cheaper. At the same time, your web apps can be reliable, require less maintenance and stand out from the competition. The first effect of creating any store in the store window.

Wordpress Development Services

Wordpress may be the most popular CMS right now. Thousands of millions of sites have been created on this platform. Powerful functionality and scalability keep the features of today's Web development - which appeals to WordPress site owners.

What you get if you hire our company:

  • Evaluation of goals and responsibilities
  • High technology implementation
  • Creative and practical solution
  • A reliable business partner
  • Wordpress custom development
  • The best guarantee

Wordpress Services: What are the benefits?

Obviously, only a few minutes to install and use - between installation and the first essay or blog ebook.

Unparalleled resource scalability - provides a wealth of plug-ins, such as:

  • Seo Support - A friendly URL, online map technology from the computerized site, modify robots.txt
  • National language assistance
  • Special type of slider
  • Useful widget editing topics
  • Good main menu
  • Display statistics on views, pages, and post hits
  • Social Networking Integration
  • Contact form and different types of personalization
  • Including communication
  • Custom control entities, such as referrals, portfolio projects, products, and more
  • Proper Support - In addition to numerous communities and online plug-ins, there is a wealth of information about Wordpress on the Internet that makes the platform an easy-to-maintain answer

When to Choose .Net Development

For a new buyer to the IT world, choosing this technology can be a daunting task. In fact, the advantages and disadvantages of each common system are not obvious to the average user, and technological changes often become constrained.

This is why customers tend to favor the technology they are experiencing (ie, they should make sure it works).

Whether you are looking for a sophisticated solution to run different gadgets or integrate it or help you transplant records from various structures, net development for our professional .Net IT company will provide you with additional advantages.

Microsoft offers its development environment in every possible market and at the same time offers the opportunity to apply comparable (or identical) programs to systems that have multiple compounds and can be run in different situations.

Asp.Net MVC for web apps and web services development. If you choose to hire our asp.Net developer in the United States and entrust you to make a major company, you can host the development framework with the following systems:

  • Dedicated server
  • Shared server
  • Physical server server farm
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Azure Cloud
  • Dynamics product line for ERP apps
  • Xamarin for cross-platform mobile development
  • Windows Presentation Foundation for developing desktop software packages

.Net is beneficial

  • You want to combine solutions with Microsoft products. For this reason, .Net provides seamless integration with all Microsoft software.
  • App compilation works on different devices. In this example, you can reuse the codebase and libraries that have already been implemented.
  • Existing apps need to be run on other platforms / devices.
  • What's next?

  • Collaboration step

Specify the scope of the work. You need to know the number of professionals in our company in the United States and what you need in addition to the time needed to get the job done. When you define a task, specialists coordinate these issues and coordinate with you.

Determine that the team must have the skills. You also need to recognize what kind of experience and what level of experience is needed. Our company always selects specialists from each of the US internal teams for each unique case. Our company will provide detailed budget estimates based on the information provided.

If you order your website development company for your project, what you will get:

  • Daily, weekly and monthly comments at work
  • Ability to track progress with frames
  • Iterative presentations and general meetings

Discuss your questions and ideas with our web development company from the US now and get the most up-to-date and customized solutions in the shortest amount of time. Contact us for free advice and get a precise quote for your project.