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We make incredible web applications for you. Competence is everything when it comes to this business, and our team of web developers is immensely experienced in this area. And now we would like to make a web application that will make your business even stronger!

What is a web application?

Most of the web applications can be called browser extensions since they add some new features to it. But it’s not only that — pretty much anything in the modern internet can be called a web app, especially if it’s written in JavaScript or PHP. Their functionality goes beyond e-mail clients, online shop carts and games. Nowadays internet-based apps can do things better than some of the desktop programs could ten years ago, like presentations creation, document editing and video editing. In a way, most of the websites that process data on a remote server are actually web applications. The criterion is still debated by engineers and ideologists of the Internet. From the point of the user, internet-based applications are something that doesn’t need an installation to the computer, operates in a browser, and works as simple solution for the user’s needs.

We are the web development company!

Our custom software development company has mastered this craftsmanship and assembled the most talented and devoted people to work together as one team. Years of practice have brought their skills to the sky-high levels, and now they crave for challenging tasks and new projects. It might be you! Here are some of the tasks that we can deal with for you and your company:
  • Creation of web, native and hybrid apps for any purposes;
  • Widening of functionality for your current products;
  • Bug fixes and rework of existing applications;
  • Business planning and market research for your future software.
  • Custom web app development

  • Types of web applications

  • Client-side web applications

  • Server-side web applications

  • Both-sided web applications

  • Rich internet applications

Custom web app development

How do you create a proper web app with this overwhelming diversity of their types? The best solution would be to seek the services of custom software developers. Our web application development company profoundly understands the ways applications work, and all you have to do is to tell us what functions you’d like to see in it. Development of customizable software is our company’s forte because our app developer service is all about clients and their needs. Our team is used to learn the ways your business works, so it won’t be a problem for it to fulfill your dreams in an artistic yet efficient manner. These are only a few possible features provided by custom software applications:
- Integration with your company’s data and previous services. Let’s say, you need that audit from 2006, but it got lost during the update of your “off-the-shelf” process. With a true custom software this wouldn’t’ve happened!
- If you want something that is unavailable in “from-the-box” software, we can make it!
- Security is crucial for any company, and custom software as a rule is much harder to hack than mass-produced programs by default, but our agency can add even more defensive parts.
- Orientation on your goals. With a correctly developed software everything is possible, the way you want it!
In case you don’t need an expanded functionality, it might be better to use ready software, but if you want your business to be one of a kind, you should consider taking help from a custom software development company.

Types of web applications

Definition of the web apps is confusing theme itself, but it’s even harder to divide them into types and classes. Also, with the burst of multifunctional programming tools, such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript it becomes hard to draw the line between web apps and websites. Our web application development company separates internet-based programs by the ways they process data, and it looks like this:

Client-side web applications

This type takes most of its resources from user’s machine or just provide information without any excessive functionality. They are mostly written in JavaScript or incorporated into HTML web page code. Such apps have their flaws and benefits, which are not so obvious:
- They’re very resource-hungry and can impair users’ experience from using it;
- These apps are not related to server data, which makes them less dependable on internet connection;
- Potential malware may be exploiting operating system’s resources through this kind of software.

Server-side web applications

Unlike the client-side apps, this software relies on computing powers of a remote server and is usually based on “heavy” programming languages like Java, PHP, Ruby, or Python. They provide almost infinite possibilities for developers and users, limited only by browser’s characteristics. Most of the in-browser games and multifunctional applications belong to this kind. Just like any other software they have their pros and cons:
- Users’ data goes on a remote server, from where it can be stolen, and they won’t even know about it;
- Such applications are updated automatically and don’t need any participation from user in this regard;
- In cases when software of such kind is used for business’ purposes, it’s much easier to add your company’s databases, as well as access and process them.

Both-sided web applications

Actually, there are no “pure” apps which would depend on only one side of Ethernet cable. All the internet applications use servers to provide and process information, and all of them react to user’s behavior in browser. It’s all about percentage and correlation between these two constants. Most of the websites and apps that you use every day are both-sided, leaning towards one of two big groups.

Rich internet applications

Often abbreviated to RIA, this is truly unique kind of software, which doesn’t even need a connection with server. You just download it, install it, and then run it on your computer as if it was a standalone program! The tricky part is that it synchronizes with a remote server, making your data accessible from any machine that has this software, which also allows collective work with the same documents. RIA is a basic way of distribution applications by SaaS (“software as a service”) model, which is commonly used nowadays by such companies as Adobe, Microsoft, and Blizzard.

How your business can benefit from a web application

At this point, you understand the basic idea of what web application is and what advantages it provides. But you may still ask yourself: “How can it improve my company?” Don’t worry, we will answer your questions in this section.


There are many ways to get profits from a web app, and one of them is subscription model when you don’t sell the whole program, but let customers use it for some time. It’s similar to “software as a service” way of distribution, but in this case, the time users can exploit it is limited, and it’s protected from piracy and illegal copying. On the other hand, you can distribute your web application like a regular software, but sell additional functions for advanced users. You can also just place advertisements inside of your app and earn money on it.

Unique design

In this case, design means not only the way your app looks but also how it works and interacts with your other services. For example, you can build delivery functions in your online shop program, which will allow you to control the whole process from the moment when a customer makes an order to the point where he gets his buys. This way you can optimize it, cutting the spends for logistics and unnecessary actions.

Compatibility with your data

When your company uses software “from-the-box”, you might face the problem of conflicting database formats and need of creation or doubling your existing information. To avoid that, our web application development agency digs into investigates your software and makes it easily transferable and accessible for your current software.

Easy to maintain

Since web apps are nothing but code, you’ll only need a server to place it on and then charge dozens of actions to it. This will greatly ease life for your staff, increasing their productivity and allowing them to work on something more vital and urgent instead of paperwork and reports. Aside from server, you’ll only need to upgrade it from time to time and new features!

Native apps v.s. Web apps

It’s been a reason for a huge controversy lately: should you develop a native app or a web application? To clarify this, native apps are ones that work only on certain devices or within a particular operating system. For example, Android application won’t work on Apple smartphones just like Windows software is incompatible with Mac OS.
Most of the application development services can do both with more or less the same quality, but you will have to choose the way your app will be constructed. Both types are contradictory in their nature and sometimes choosing between them might be a tough decision.

Difficulty of creation of an app

When we compare the simplicity of building between native and web applications, browser-based programs are obvious winners. All you need to create one of those is the knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, while construction of a native application will cost you money for developer’s license and it also requires a profound skill in SDKs — “software development kits”, which are exploited to build any native app.

Usage of platform’s features

While web applications might access machine’s resources such as CPU and RAM, native software is capable of using any of the unique traits of gadget it is created for. Nowadays smartphones are stuffed with things like compasses, gyroscopes, GPS modules and much more, and native application can give a user an unforgettable experience. At the same time, web apps are cut off from these features, and this leads us to the conclusion that if your app is going to use extravagant features, native software might be a better choice.

Issues on accessibility

Mobile applications are limited by their platforms when web apps can be reached from any browser. Thus, you have got to choose between ubiquity and specialization, and the way of development depends on your goals. If you plan to make a simple software with limited functionality, it’s logical to rely on an internet-based application, while the excessing number of features might require the creation of a native program.

Our expertise

We provide web application development services as a programming company and follow our ethics rigorously. The combination of “client comes first” approach and gifted web app developers results in phenomenal products for any kind of enterprise. Our software development company have gathered under its wings the most proficient and adept designers, coders and web software architects. They all seek for your tricky tasks and endeavour to make your dreams come true.
You need an app, we have resources to make it awesome. By combining these two preconditions, we get the ideal circumstances for your business. Just one more step — and you’ll get the most powerful, attractive, efficient and practical web application that can be. Contact us, and we will make your business even more forceful!