Tailored Software Development, USA: Building a Digital Future

Our software development USA team demonstrates state-of-the-art advanced expertise and endless inspiration to create excellent digital solutions.

Professional Developers with Unlimited Opportunities

As a leading provider of software development in the USA, we specialize in several areas of technologies - SaaS development, digital protection, virtualization, cloud computing and more. We have assembled a large technical and knowledge base to offer customers a huge competitive advantage while outsourcing IT solutions.

We collected more than 100 in-house programmers and designers. Organized the knowledge storage DB to share the new technology within all the company members and implement them in all the projects to achieve the great efficiency and user’s interaction . We are building long-term relationships with the customers and pay special attention to delivery high-quality programs to let the buyers and users be satisfied.

Here at the USA headquarters, we pride ourselves on the professional programming capabilities of .NET development, languages ​​like Objective-C, C / C ++ and C #. Our experience in IT, especially in the area of ​​basic development, has been recognized by the customers, users and staff specialists.

Our key services

  • Manage private groups

Acquire an experienced results-oriented engineering team, based on your company's needs and priorities. Rent management team and rely on outstanding engineering skills.

  • Software Engineering

Whether you need a professional programming, web or C ++ programming in the USA, the developers can be part of your team and stick to the same corporate requirements that create great software.

  • Quality assurance

Strengthen the work team with business analysts, technical writers and certified quality assurance professionals on-site with builders.

Our capacity

  • Custom Agile Development Services
  • Network Software Enhancements
  • Mobile Development
  • Openstack Solution
  • Development of MacOS software
  • Programming Objective-C / C / C ++ / C #
  • Professional quality assurance
  • Areas of Expertise
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • Development of the SaaS platform
  • Data control
  • Digital and corporate security
  • Access and remote control
  • Improvements in information processing
  • Mobile software security testing
  • Mobile device and alert control
  • C / C ++ Professional Development

  • C ++ Programming Products for Windows and Linux

  • C-series programming for your project

  • Customize your mobile app

  • Mobile technology saves project costs

C / C ++ Professional Development

Our company in the United States is based on the C language series and focuses on developing C / C ++ software programs. We work with apps and drivers distributed at the system level, where an efficient network and overall optimization of performance are a concern.

The C ++ team of developers includes highly specialized professionals in data management, operating system monitoring and security auditing, network protection and virtualization.

We carefully prepare specialists by investing in professional and technical improvements. In the United States, we have internal standards for formal code, pointers, and teams for routine code reviews and sharing of experiences.

While specializing in C / C ++ software development, developers also use Objective-C and C # to get the job done.

C ++ Programming Products for Windows and Linux

As the premier outsourcing C ++ programming company in the United States, our agency has a vast code base and a set of support technology.

We rely on the experience gained, so when you hired us as a developer, you will save a lot of time and money on the benefits of technology base, internal use and proprietary SDKs to:

  • Driver development
  • Control of the registration system
  • System Tracking
  • Database Interaction
  • Community Data Management

C-series programming for your project

  • C building software

It is worth mentioning that the optimized C language is very useful for the development of embedded and low level packages. It is also widely used in Linux environments.

  • C + + encoding

C ++ includes a portion of Microsoft's flagship product, the Windows operating system, and the important elements of Windows 8 and Mac OS contemporaries. This language provides efficient performance, reliability, and code transparency for fast, intelligent development. It is ideal for system-wide Windows programs and we even use it as one of the key tools in kernel-mode drivers.

  • C # programming

C # allows the use of the platform. Net. We use this simple and modern language, specifically the environmental solutions for GUI development and distribution.

  • Objective-C coding

On the ios platform, we use Objective-C and other members of the c series.

Expert tools used:

  • IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio, Xcode, Eclipse, QT Creator
  • Compiler: Microsoft Visual C, Clang, GCC, JDK

Customize your mobile app

Based in the United States, our IT company offers superior app development services for the most complex mobile-related tasks, including security initiatives, data control, MDM and MAM information and equipment.

The app build team has in-depth knowledge on all popular platforms and a wide range of gadgets. Through the development of outsourced apps, we employ:

  • IOS Professionals
  • Expert Android builders
  • Experts in Windows Phone and Garmin GPS

Advanced Experience

Our experts in the United States specialize in advanced mobile app features, mobile messaging and app protection, data management and virtualization.

Here are some examples of the outsourced mobile app development projects, realized by the team:

  • Cloning and backup devices
  • Transfer between operating system virtualization and virtualization instances
  • Data Encryption
  • Secure Cloud Synchronization
  • Delete information retrieval

Mobile technology saves project costs

When choosing a outsourcer, it is important to choose an IT company with relevant experience in the United States. These tasks may require special areas of competence and experience, from simple data storage apps to operating system virtualization or complex record acquisition and management.

Our software development portfolio includes:

  • Mobile Data Format Analysis
  • Managing driver-based statistics
  • Protection of information
  • Interchange and interaction of records between platforms
  • Synchronization of information
  • App performance optimization

With the safety of the network and the company as the main strengths of our company, we effectively and completely help the customers in the United States and around the world to meet the trend of BYOD and BYOT Mobile.

Custom Web Solutions

Our team offers a full service web programming program and a dedicated team is ready to implement your business solution.

Our project records include reports on CRM, ERP, management and other systems and services. With the use of stylish equipment, superior technology and excellent practices, we can transform your corporate philosophy into a complete implementation of commercial products.

Project Experience Highlights

We are involved in many projects that develop a variety of web-based software, SaaS fabrics and web apps. Developers have experience creating the following products:

  • CRM Solution
  • Management System and Business Reports
  • ERP Solution
  • HR management app
  • Media Delivery Process
  • Distributed security solutions and intensive information exchange
  • MDM Solution
  • Complex multi-BI reporting subsystem and monitoring opportunities
  • Native and different databases, ODBC, ADO, ADO.NET,
  • SQL performance optimization
  • Different SaaS platforms and a set of Web services (SOA, SOAP)
  • The Quick GUI creates solutions for large enterprises

In-depth understanding of cloud, virtualization and security systems enables us to build and configure secure and efficient network software.

Teams involved in the mission

We hire experienced developers and have extensive hands-on experience in web-based software development, so we can quickly set up any group of tasks.

Your team can be extended and QA specialists who can perform any type of test (including load, performance and stress tests).

Our organization also offers customers business analysts by learning and formalizing core business, developing technical specifications and other technical documents.

All teams are led by experienced project managers at the main point of contact. Management allows you to move away from micromanagement, save assets, make your crew priorities, integrate and manipulate plans, reports, and communicate with all stakeholders.

These teams are very flexible and scalable. Its composition can be quickly modified as needed, and a dedicated and part-time professional staff can be maintained as desired.

Support services for each step

Dedicated developers can cover a wide range of development tasks, regardless of scope. We offer a full range of research and improvement services, such as:

  • Competitor search
  • Formalized business requirements
  • Technical specification writing
  • Prototype and programming
  • Quality assurance
  • Support and maintenance
  • Code evaluation and overall performance optimization

Tools and Technology

US network software manufacturers use the most popular frameworks and programming languages ​​to generate any complex range of high-performance enterprise programs they can develop.

Builders have extensive experience using the following languages:

  • Javascript
  • Java
  • PHP
  • C / C # / C ++
  • Python
  • Ruby

We have a good record of performance:

  • Framework Javascript - Jquery, AngularJS and others
  • Asp.Net MVC
  • CSS and Bootstrap
  • MS SQL, LINQ, ADO, ADO.Net, entity structure

Professional Quality Assurance and Testing

As one of the best software manufacturing companies in the United States, our company provides complete software quality assurance and outsourcing software testing services. QA professionals bring together all documents, strategic plans and specific test cases, install the appropriate test environment, and examine all types of software to provide maximum intensity and coverage against priority.

In addition to a variety of software quality assurance, the experts also conduct security testing for mobile devices.

  • Professionals commissioned for quality assurance

  • Outsourced testing

  • From the driver to the app

Offering competitive prices in the United States, our team provides highly qualified and qualified testing resources. The QA department is made up of certified specialists who offer world-class quality assurance services. Each QA team includes experts in test automation.

Experts use a number of defect monitoring frameworks, communicate and report as needed, insist on impact analysis, and ensure ongoing dialogue between testers and developers.

In the United States, the tactics of outsourcing compilations and software inspections are becoming more and more popular. There are several very important reasons for this:

  • Software Evaluation Only
  • There's no excuse for developers like "This is not a bug"
  • Fully managed drives have operational consequences
  • Achievable and scalable software verifies budget
  • A well-equipped laboratory, which is crucial for testing mobile apps

Our professionals do more than hire software testers. Even for an experienced project, we offer part-time planning, reporting management and source control.

Each company requires unique knowledge, skills, tactics, and test cases to be properly promoted and completed.

Attempting to program drivers can be very tricky with weak location and requires different versions and platform configurations to be checked.

The distributed system test requires experts with excellent platform and network management capabilities. Quality assurance programs usually include a lot of performance and loading tests, a field that must be automated.

The interaction between mobile packages and PC devices should be verified with a variety of gadget models, as well as location, legacy changes, and changes to the production line. In our office, the United States has a variety of devices that experiment exclusively with laboratories, including old and modern smartphones and tablets.