Profy of Making iPhone Application Development

Our company provides first-class services in the field of iPhone application development. An experienced team of iOS developers hunts for your brilliant ideas and audacious tasks that will make us proud of the results.

What we offer

As one of the top development companies, our firm offers an extensive variety of services and aids related to the process of creation and maintenance of your mobile software. Ten years of dedicated practice have made us superior to most of the companies that develop apps. Our team is glad to offer you help in these tasks:
  • Creation of mobile application from the scratch;
  • Formalization of the software requirement specification (SRS);
  • Audit of the product code relevancy and vulnerability of existing software;
  • Market investigation and consultancy on development process.
These are only essential services our iPhone application development company provides. Our programmer team can also integrate your current data into a structured mobile software.

This is why we are one of the best

Our iOS developer company has mastered the ways in which iPhone software development goes. The team of coders, software architects and designers work on your mobile software as a whole to guarantee that you application will defeat its competitors and satisfy your clients. Our expertise is astonishingly high, and we can ensure you that there’s nothing that can stop you and your mobile software from success. Whether you are a small company with big ambitions or a huge corporation with even bigger plans, we got solutions designed just for you.
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  • Win from iPhone app


The days when you had to attend exchange building are long gone — nowadays you can run business and control your investments from any place on the planet as long as you have access to the Internet. Keeping this in mind, many economy-related institutions and company have come to a decision that they will offer their services in the form of swift and easily accessible mobile accessible applications.


When was the last time you read a paper magazine? Probably, a couple of months ago. As soon as the tsunami of smartphones and tablets have rolled all over the world, editors and owners of newspapers have realized that the ways they were running their businesses are becoming obsolete. To evade bankruptcy and loss of readers, they have started to issue applications for magazines and newspapers that now supplant “classic” ways of information distribution. Needless to say that exactly the same thing happened to the most of TV and radio channels.


Since any human being is inevitably a “homo ludens” (playing man), gaming industry flourishes and prospers like never before. It has access to the latest technologies and lets them conquer new users. Virtual reality, cloud storages, overall computing powers and portable devices would’ve never come real if not for the games. And today this industry takes back its investment by pumping out billions of dollars from mobile software markets.
This list can expand to the monstrous sizes so that we will stop here. After all, you get a general idea — literally any company can benefit from a custom iPhone application.


If you are interested in spreading the knowledge among others, there are many ways you can go: you can record educational videos and upload them to YouTube or start your own course on Coursera. But one of the most effective and easy ways is coming up with an iPhone app. It’s mobility and availability makes learning process smooth and simple, and allows students decide for themselves when and how much to study.

Social Networks

Social networks, on the other hand, were popularized by App Stores because of their approachability. Eventually, they’ve defeated forums and traditional media in the battle for the users’ hearts, and today it’s hard to imagine how did we get by without Facebook or Instagram. New social networks, like video-shared apps or nets, which invite people, based on their interest to some music styles or arts, coming to life every day and getting more and more followers.

Which industry can win from a custom iPhone app?

There are two answers to this question: the short one and the long one. The short one is “any industry”. The long one is a bit more sophisticated, but the same in essence. Data integration, user-friendliness, ability to remind about your company to an infinite amount of customers — these features come to mind in a first way. But if you want to be sure that your firm will win from a custom app development, our team has prepared a short list of industries, where the absence of a mobile software can become a fatal mistake.

All you ever wanted to know about iPhone application development

The people often ask: “How to develop an app for iPhone?” or “How do you make an iPhone app?” A true magician never reveals his secrets, but our team has prepared a little guide to the essential tools that are a must for anyone who’s about to throw himself into the charming world of the mobile application development.

Developer’s license

First of all, you’ll need a developer’s license. Individual one costs 99$ per year, while enterprise license charges 299$ per year. The main difference between them is that with an enterprise license you can upload application for a corporate usage inside of your company, so it’s up to you to decide whether or not you need an enterprise license.


Second of all, you’ll need a Xcode bundle. Xcode is more than a programming tool, it also provides a testing environment, where developers can see if their applications work. It has all the features required for the building of an efficient mobile software, but it is available only on macOS operating system.


Just like any other closed operating system, iOS has its own SDK (Software Development Kit) within Xcode package, which allows developers to create programs shaped perfectly for this exact platform. And as long as developing apps for iPhone automatically means developing apps for iOS, anyone who wants to build a program for portable device by Apple is destined to know how iOS SDK works. But don’t worry, we’ve gathered all the basic information in this section.
iOS SDK is something that developers call a toolchain — a whole set of programs that are connected to one another and supporting one another. Because of this, it’s impossible to separate them into groups or blocks. Generally speaking, iOS SDK is just a bunch of frameworks (which in their turn include other frameworks) that allows developers to set some essential functions by default, which are:
  • Core OS — the name of this tool speaks for itself since it’s a fundamental instrument that allows application use iPhone’s hardware;
  • Core Services — this part of iOS SDK is in charge of more advanced functions, such as making calls and tracking of device’s position in space;
  • Media — evidently, this one has to deal with video, audio and image representation and creation;
  • Cocoa Touch — the most abstract of programming layers, Cocoa interface is responsible for multitouch gestures and other superior functions.
This kit supports only two major programming languages: Objective-C and Apple’s own invention — Swift, but it also allows to write some parts of the code in C or C++. iOS SDK gets an update with every update of iOS, so developers are always on the cutting edge of iPhone’s new features.
But we weren’t completely honest with you in this section. In fact, you can build an application for iPhone with any language — from C to Python, from Ruby to Java, but you must keep in mind that Apple won’t be excited about it. Moreover, it’s much harder to develop an iPhone app with languages other from Objective-C and Swift since they are incorporated into a macOS ecosystem.

App Store: friend or foe?

When we talk about iPhone or iPad development, it doesn’t matter if you make an educational or entertaining program — it will always be distributed through the Apple App Store. But what is App Store, how come that it is one of the largest mobile program distribution platform, and why you should be friendly to its moderators? Here are the answers to all your questions.
App Store counts over 2 million applications, which makes it the second player in this industry, which is paradoxical considering the fact that Android phones control more than 85% of smartphone market. In the light of this, it’s even more interesting that App Store generates twice as much profit as Google Play while falling back for just 200 000 applications.
It started in 2008 with the release of the original iPhone and since then have earned around 50 billion dollars. Sure, 30% of this pile of money went to Apple as commissions and fees, but still developers got around 35 billion dollars. Profitability of App Store is incredibly high, and trust us, you don’t want to stay inside of your offline retail when the money rain starts!
Also, it’s crucial to know that Apple’s mobile software marketplace has very strict rules regarding the quality and content of any application that is downloaded there. Sometimes it takes weeks even to get into the App Store, but when you’re there, consider yourself lucky — once you get noticed, the flow of users won’t ever stop.