Custom Software Development Services with High Attention to Details

We carefully create great, top-level software to help your business run efficiently and grow fast.

US Tech-Savvy Developer

We are constantly updating our knowledge by participating in conferences and organizing meetings, education classes and webinars to offer our clients world best practices and better technical knowledge.

The custom software development services we offer are the most professional and customer oriented so that companies around the world can translate their market presence into new digital sales.

  • Our Values

  • How we work

  • Create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) - 2-8 weeks

  • Develop custom software - whenever you need it

  • Design concept

  • Impact Mapping

Our Values

Time-proven process. Our company has a reliable method called product discovery that helps us understand business objectives of the customer or how to modernize an existing workflow.

Direct verbal communication. Of course, you will have a team leader and the project manager in the development team. However, our experts are also directly available and ready to communicate, allowing you to immerse yourself in the process and get the result you expect.

Transparency. All programs are transparent. We meet weekly to plan and discuss the results. Development teams post various versions to gather comments from interested parties or end users.

Sustainable delivery. We deliver regularly from day one. Our architecture is flexible, the code is constantly tested. These things keep us on a sustainable pace every week, and the software can be extended even in the last levels of development.

How we work

The main goal of our company is to establish long-term partnerships with our customers. That's why we define the main objectives of the customer and create a viable minimum product to approve the idea.

Meet and Greet - 1 day

In general, we organize Skype or face-to-face meetings. All participants felt that this was a crucial issue for learning every detail and for comfortable cooperation.

Call us and arrange a private meeting. We have a place of work in the foreground in the United States. Video calling is the best way to get to know all the essential elements of the first phase. Schedule video meetings via Skype or Hangouts.

Software strategies and targets - 1-2 weeks

We have a practical checklist to identify the main functionality needed and create a map that offers a strategic way to achieve your custom software development goals. Professionals work closely with the clients' experts to create software requirement assessment.


  • Impact Mapping
  • Customer travel map
  • User Story Description


  • Discover the desires of companies
  • A road map showing how to reach your goals through personalized development
  • Make a list of suggestions that select the technologies and services best suited to meet your unique distribution needs
  • UI Prototype

Create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) - 2-8 weeks

Before beginning a long development process, our development organization supported the small but significant portion of the customer's license for future software with minimum capital investment. At this level, developers reduce the risk of technology and advertising and marketing.


The most valuable part of custom software evolved.

If the created concept does not pass the check, such as stakeholders or customers, they do not need the software, so stop the development at this stage to save money.

Develop custom software - whenever you need it

When we get to this point with our customers, that means we have established a good relationship, a strategic plan to achieve our target objectives, operational MVPs and approved software concepts. It is here that professional developers of professional teams begin to create high-level, personalized products.


Custom software runs on web platforms, mobile platforms and other major platforms. Check out the software KPIs and guide the development process to meet business needs. One day for each new delivery system.

Test Driven Development Services

Early error detection lower cost. It can be costly to detect errors during the most recent development. Our company offers the highest quality of service, so software manufacturers never put off testing products. Developed custom tests should be timeless, starting the first day of the project. With the help of custom, test-driven development, savvy programmers reduce code errors, design a scalable software architecture, and improve code quality through inspection.

Code Reconstruction

The perfectly developed custom framework needs to be consistently maintained in the right environment. By using refactoring, we retain and improve the design while preserving the simplicity of the information. Programmers can routinely use well-tested code to replace complex and complicated modules and maintain their functionality.

Design concept

Do not just create the first version of the software. It should come up with new features, and it should be possible to completely rewrite one of the code sections without affecting the rest. All of this must be done within a reasonable amount of time, and the current resources can not be broken down. Our use of class and package design principles allows us to offer our customers around the world the best quality service.

The key to the rapid development of custom products lies in the continued control and removal of technical project bugs.

Domain-driven production

The dedication and use of thematic areas are fundamental to the success of large software architectures. The domain model unifies the thematic areas, the languages ​​used by customer and developer professionals, and speeds software customization technology that translates customer needs into a single job. Combined with the best programming services, including refactoring and tool development, access to the best quality custom software to meet the most demanding business needs.

Impact Mapping

Impact mapping helps us build great products and deliver effective projects, not just software programs. Impact mapping is a strategic planning approach that prevents organizations from getting lost in building custom products and project delivery, effectively helping teams align their activities with key business objectives, and making better roadmap choices through of assumptions.

User Journey Mapping

To maintain the stability of custom products and prevent customers from interfering with the software, builders should observe the design from a bird's eye view. To reach it, we find the user's entry point, the exit point, and the interaction between the screen. The staff described all of these client's travel plans by singing.

User Story Description

Mapping user stories is not a complicated task. Create a simple version of the product user journey, informing the user story as you do. However, it turns out that this simple idea facilitates the work in agile custom improvements. More importantly, it places the customers and the products they are working in front of and in the center of the software.

Extensive experience

Team members have the hands-on experience of the most advanced technologies. There is at least one custom solution successfully launched in almost every technology area.

  • Microservices
  • Mobile Application
  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Web Application
  • SQL and NoSQL
  • Javascript, AngularJS, ReactJS
  • iPaaS, ubiquitous integration
  • RabbitMQ, Kafka
  • High load
  • DevOps
  • AWS, Azure
  • .net, Java
  • MSSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Nginx, IIS

Create a commercial solution

Holding companies, corporations, industrial organizations, large e-commerce and financial companies regularly own their own IT, design and advertising departments. Of course, these companies have trouble implementing internal IT innovations or bringing new digital products to the market. This is an indispensable part of our custom development service.


  • Internal initiatives that generally change priorities
  • Often, part-time development teams are unstable because they need to lend people from other departments of the organization
  • The cost of the internal improvement process and the final budget are difficult to calculate
  • The basic lack of workers and talented people
  • No time to place the appropriate order
  • Bureaucracy creates limits on workflow

Our assistance

Our team must recognize the goals of our clients and how they affect the success of the project. That is why, before the mission begins, our in-house project consultants work with stakeholders to choose measurable and time-bound desires. The team then develops the project until all goals reach the buyer in the most valuable way. Developers to complete these tasks at the same time, still keep the service more flexible. You can get a team of professionals who strive to meet the most challenging needs.

Achieve a company goals

Just the dreams will not make any profit without working tool to implement them in the reality. To attract buyers, you need to create an MVP and try to do it quickly and cost effectively. Our personalized MVP service will be perfect for this task. Then to be successful in the global market, you must offer newer versions faster than your competitors and meet the needs of your customers with higher quality.

  • Planning to avoid mistakes and misunderstanding
  • Most developers need a specification document
  • Due to the growth of market demand, inevitability often changes
  • Long-term transport cycles bring advantages to competitors

How does our team manage this?

By providing scalable business models, concept tests and custom development services, our software production organization ensures the success of your entire undertaking. User Stories and Client Adventure Maps, Pivot, and MVP are terms our team perfectly understand. We know that time to market can be crucial for new and custom products, so we offer short lead times from days to weeks. Each update increases the value of the solution. Our company has done everything possible while maintaining flexibility within the scope of work. You will receive the most professional service from the experienced consultants and the development team, as we all strive to achieve your business goals.

Going online

Logistics management, optimization of sales channels, increase of work, all business processes common to all. When your processes are fully optimized, you still need to discover new possibilities for improvement. Existing equipment can hinder development while reducing the organization's profit potential. In this case, our consultants are ready to provide professional advice on how to automate the process and the developers will build new ways to advance your company, analyze your core information, and move you online.

Problems to be solved

  • Risk needs to be formalized
  • No custom development experience
  • Knowledge limits for offline organizations may prevent them from being transferred online
  • Current software outdated and in need of modernization

What do we provide?

Benefit from the expert advice of industry-leading IT consultants, developers and designers and create the right vision for your future digital solutions. Our programmers will help your dreams’ implementation via professional custom software development services. Our consultants will create with your the development strategy of the mission: commercial analysis and target users. And help you identify all necessary features and elements to create based on this data custom front-end and back-end development, UI / UX design, testing, launch and maintenance. Get in touch with us to create your next digital project.