How To Estimate The Cost Of Outsourcing App Development?

Most people don’t understand how comes that almost identical applications’ costs may differ peculiarly. Our software agency is here to reveal all secrets of this backstage for you. We would also like to help you with creation and maintenance of your application.

When to outsource and when to do an in-house app development

Let’s face it: you probably won’t get the working application if you delegate it’s creation to your staff. Think about this — does it worth to overload your coders and designers with extra work, when you can get superior quality in less time? You should also keep in mind that outsource companies specialize in building of apps, while most corporations don’t have required experience for this task. It simply doesn’t worth the money and time spent for the retraining of your staff to get poor results. Oh, did we tell you about the expenses that follow every development project, such as developer’s license, fee for the stores, etc.? Yes, there are price tags on everything in this industry!
To make things more descriptive, here are summary charts on these two types of development:
  • Custom: might be costly, but goes incredibly fast; done with higher expertise; direct control over the process.
  • In-house: less resource-demanding, but slow; requires reassignments inside the company; may end up with a low-quality application.
If you value time and overall quality more than temporary expenses or need MVP (minimal viable product) as soon as possible just to test your ideas, then outsourcing app development would be the right choice for you.

Before placing your order for app creation

Ideas are awesome, but to make them usable and, moreover, gain profit from them, you will have to choose the platform and set the functionality for your application. On that basis, our IT agency will be able to estimate the approximate cost of outsourcing app development for your particular case.


Mobile gadgets divide into many groups: tablets, e-books, smartphones, etc., but some of them are bigger and more popular than others. It’s up to you to decide where you’d like to see your applications, but it’s paramount to understand that the more screen sizes and different types of devices you want to cover, the more expensive development will be.
Many factors define the cost of outsourcing app development, but we guarantee that all your questions will be answered and you will get all the necessary information about it as soon as you contact us.

App platforms

Basically, when people say “platforms”, they often imply “operating systems”. At the moment, there are three major players in this area: Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Windows 10 Mobile by Microsoft. Android dominates this field by having over 87% of mobile operating systems market share, iOS has modest 11%, and Windows 10 Mobile holds puny approximate 1%. But percents don’t matter that match when it comes to app development because App Store’s revenue double Google Play’s every year.
It’s necessary to realize that Android pays for its ubiquity with the lack of safety, high resource demand, and low profitability of its apps. iOS, on the other hand, is more invulnerable in terms of viruses and hacks and provides access to the saturated market with lots of possibilities at the same time.
  • Stages of app development

  • Design

  • Engineering

  • Quality assurance

Stages of app development

The creation of an app is hard work, but our team have managed to make it a pleasure for themselves and our clients. Every process of development starts with an immersion into specifics of your business, which then allows us to enforce the ways your application will work. Then we get to business, which can be separated into these three major parts


An essential part of any development course, design defines the way your application will look and behave, the way users will see it and interact with it. You have no idea in how many ways even the most simple app can be misunderstood and claimed awful by regular users. By the way, we make several mock-ups and layouts for your mobile software, so you will always have options to choose from. This stage regularly takes about a week or a little more.


The hardest and, probably paramount part of the whole deal, coding makes your application something than just a bunch of slides and screens. It allows users communicate with their devices and your servers while holding all functionality on its shoulders. Engineers’ work is usually left in the shadows, but without it, there’d be no applications, trust us.

Quality assurance

QA is a complicated term that means not only all kinds of tests that have to be performed before you can release your app but a whole way of treatment for your product. Our team controls every step of the development process, which allows them to avoid the necessity of reworking the whole program. Of course, it’s always better to fix errors during the development process rather than to delay the app launch to correct all bugs at the final stage.
Needless to say that the more complicated the solution is, the higher the price. But every dollar and every hour that you spend on this will come back in the form of new customers, pleased users and increased ROI.

What makes the cost of outsourcing app development

Another crucial factor in the cost of outsource app development is functionality that you expect from you mobile software. Some features cost much more than others, and it’s always better to think twice about whether you need that geolocation tool or custom CRM system.

Login features

It might be surprising that login screens have to be designed and engineered in their own way since every application nowadays welcomes users with a registration form or “Login with Facebook” button. Behind these functions always stands a work of few people who design them and write code for them.

Multimedia integration

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just upload audio or video file to a server and leave the link on the page. To make it efficient instrument or a basic function (this is paramount for any producing platform), our team has to wire it into the body of application and adjust it to the requirements of server software.

Content management systems

The foundation of any projects that rely on user-generated content, CMS creation might be tricky sometimes, but its development never takes too long. If you want multifunctional content management system, our team would be glad to make one for you.

Shopping carts & payment administration

These two always go hand in hand and set fundamental for any shopping application. Of course, there are a lot of services like payment systems and delivery solutions that can be simply integrated into your e-commerce website, but you’ll have to share your profit with such third-side services every month. In the long-term run, it’s more profitable to create your own solution for all your needs.

Social instruments

This niche unites everything that has to do with sharing, commenting, and tracking of friends activities. It may sound funny, but messaging, favouring, social networks integration, etc. are also developed by a separate team of coders. And while websites have the opportunity to integrate with platforms like Disqus, mobile application require the bespoke approach.

Miscellaneous features

This category includes all these tiny or general functions that are often left behind or considered given. It includes access to the camera, gyroscope, calendar, and other important but not always necessary tools.
The cost of outsourcing jobs can be compared to a restaurant: it always depends on how many features you order from the menu, and the more is your hunger, the bigger check you get at the end of the dinner.

Why cost deviation can be so overwhelming

It would be a great lie to say that all the software agencies do the same job with the same precision. Like in any other business, there are leaders and outsiders, responsible companies and immature ones. Our software development firm guarantees excellence in every screen of your coming app and to do this we hire only the mightiest coders, designers, and software architects.
Aside from the obvious difference in the quality of job that will be done, there’s a functionality factor. The more sophisticated features you’d like to see in your app, the higher is the price for its development. For example, a basic project with moderate functionality will take around 200 hours (25 days) and 10 000 dollars, but the application which takes 800 hours (a bit more than three months) to build will cost much, much more, around 40 000 dollars. These prices are less than median on the market, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t care about the quality of our job. On contrary, it’s because our company have optimized the process of development it is now possible for us to do more in less time and, consequently, for less money.

Outsourcing App development

Generally, applications divide into two major groups: bespoke (mobile software that is adjusted to your particular tasks) and ready-to-go apps (universal and mighty programs that lack flexibility in return). Before the development, our digital agency investigates your industry and tries to come up with ideas on how to make it more comfortable for users. But then come two different approaches.

Bespoke apps

Before going all the way into making your dreams come true, our firm makes an MVP, which we mentioned before — a basic version of your coming app. It’s relatively cheap to create, has the most crucial features, and takes much less time to finish. Meanwhile, the making of an MVP can demonstrate strong and weak points of your concept in action: you’ll get to know if users love it or hate it, and if they really need all these functions that you were planning to see. Depending on answers to these questions our development firm builds an app that will be just perfect for you and users.

”The big ones”

Mobile software from this category is distinguished by its complexity and perfection. These applications allow users to solve bigger problems or create more sophisticated content. If we’re talking about corporate software, it has the deep connection with other systems of your business and gives you advantages that wouldn’t be available with “off-the-shelf” software.

Get back to business

Now when you know all the wits and see all the strings behind the cost of outsource app development, it’s time to talk about business. Our firm would be happy to help you bring your ideas to life. Just a few clicks — and you can be our next satisfied partner!