Have a look at some of our successful projects


A discount Android application for clothing store

A сlothing chain targeted for young people wanted to enhance their relationships with loyal customers providing them a discount Android app. The idea is that members of their store club with this application can always be informed about the discounts, find the way to the nearest store and know all the information about the goods they got interested in. The application can scan QR code of any piece of cloth they liked and get all the information about it including material, sizes and colors available and other.


A mobile pill taking reminder

A beautiful and useful app that reminds patient to follow doctor’s prescriptions and take medicines at the right time. This Android app won’t let its users skip a pill. Users can choose vibration system or sound alarm and Push notifications which alert them to take drugs on schedule. Besides, the app informs patients about associative meals that should be taken with dose. App not only reminds and informs users about pills but also tracks and stores data creating user’s personal Med List and History.


A mobile application for budgeting

A convenient and simple to use Android account app that helps users track and plan their finances. Designed for Android platform it helps manage user’s accounts without going to a Financial Planners. This app empowers users to make personal financial statements and budgeting. A safe and secure application to store your financial data, to plan and track budget and create chart reports on your daily, weekly, monthly and annual expenses and revenue and email PDF files.


An Android news application

One South American paper publication decided to transform themselves into digital one with our help. We designed an Android application for tablets that should distribute their paper magazine in the mobile version. A productive news application helps magazine readers to keep up with the latest news. The UI design looks great on all the variety of Android devices providing excellent user experience. It is fast, easy-to-navigate, easily adjust to landscape and portrait modes. We also integrated database Joomla!, implemented personalisation settings and made available some social features including marking favorite articles, leaving comments, contacting an author.

Flight Time

An app that helps to select the right wine

One of our Android app development cases was an Android application for airline crew members. The company had an exciting web service, but they needed a mobile web portal that will provide staff with the relevant information about their schedule reaching crew members wherever they are. Thus, we developed an app that alerts pilots and flight assistants about any changes in their flight information. We used Xamarin development environment to make app code portable for a future extension on iOS platform.


A healthcare mobile app that help you take control over your diabetes

A US restaurants chain approached us with an idea to build a mobile application which helps restaurant customers to find the wine which will be the best choice for the meal they order. An application scans restaurant QR code on the menu and connects users with a wine advisor web app. The application provides users with recommendations about wines which will perfectly match with their current meal. Now this application is widely used in several American states improving guests’ dining experience.