Business Application Developers: Thinking Outside The Box

A well-crafted business application can drastically enhance your business, and our developer team is here to make one for you. Our programmers are experts in software creation, and they are glad to make your new digital dreams come true. We offer services in creation and support of mobile programmes that will win the hearts of your clients. If you ever thought “I have an idea for an app”, our agency is the right place to share it.

How to make money with apps

Our business app developers know many ways to use mobile software in business, but most entrepreneurs are still in search of the methods that would allow them earn money on apps. The easiest solution lays in front of shop owners: all they have to do is just add order form and keep promoting their application. Most website owners put advertisements in their products or offer expanded functionality for a small fee. This model is called “freemium” and it’s been one of the keystones in mobile software development for the last few years, but now most businesses are looking for the new ways of capitalizing from them.

Benefits of business application

As was said before, nothing makes enterprises grow as well as a sharp application. It doesn’t matter what business you run — there’s always a problem you can solve with it. Making orders, delivery, logistics, loyalty programs, internal workflow process — when it comes to mobile software, the only limits are your fantasy and resources. In return they will maintain and automatize functions in your business that could’ve cost you a fortune. The key to success of your mobile application is in finding the right team for development process. It’s crucial to be sure in it and know that they’re the experts in their field.

About us

Our development company has started in the beginning of 2000 and since then we’ve managed to fulfill the needs of many customers. Our development company achieves high quality through acute devotion to our business and constant practice.
Our creed consists of few principles:
  • Always do our best for the client needs;
  • Be responsible for the result and business value;
  • Implement nonstop quality control;
  • Never end self-improvement;
By abiding these simple rules our business application developers keep moving forward and making you happy with outstanding projects. It’s crucial to work up to these standards, because if you forget about at least one of them the whole project will fall down upon itself.

How to make an app

Before starting a mobile app development, it’s beneficial to know how it works at least in its final incarnation, i.e. making of a mobile software. It’s not that hard as it seems, but it surely requires some skill and experience to do it, especially on a regular basis. Most business application developers have learned this routine by heart, but there’s still always a place for experiment and new ways in this field.
  • Tailoring the idea

  • Setting the aim

  • Design

  • Coding

  • Integration

  • Release

Tailoring the idea

Initial stage of any development process, coming up with an idea is the cornerstone of the whole situation. Without ideas there would be no point in creation of another generic application for services that are copies of more successful predecessors. Ideas matter, and they shape our world in mysterious ways that we’re yet to comprehend, and mobile software is making a great share of it.

Setting the aim

First of all, you’ve got to understand that there are many platforms to promote and distribute your future mobile software, as well as purposes which with you develop it. It may be an online-shop for your main goods, or a carrier-tracking systems or even a mobile game that will then generate stable profits. Your main task at this point is to understand what are you expecting from your coming mobile hit.


Once you get the idea of what your application should look like, you can get to making layouts and wireframes of it. We also set the style and basic desirable user experience. Don’t hesitate here for too long since at this stage you’re just estimating the number of features and essential interface of planned software.


This one’s the hardest and resource-demanding since it takes not only a huge amount of time to write a decent code, but also some skills to do so. Although most modern development tools are considered to be user-friendly, in most it’s still a must to know at least basics of one programming language before you create your own application.


If you build a software for a business, it’s mandatory to think through the ways it will interact with the rest of your services. It must have an access to required data and not to have the access to secret information. It also has to keep the overall tone of your enterprise and meet its guidelines. At this point you’ll definitely need an assistance of experts in cross-platform compatibility.

Release and post launch support

When the building is finished, it’s time to upload your newborn program into a corresponding store or market and begin mobile app promotion. It’s up to you how to promote your app: you can use social media, advertisements on the Internet or hope that store editors will put it in the featured list. From this moment your main focus is to keep updating it and add new features.
Our company also provides troubleshooting and updating for your application after its initial release. Our agency will keep in touch with you, so feel free to tell us about any flaws that come in the way of working with it. It’s our delight to make your product even better!

Business app’s features

Even if you don’t see ways to increase your profits with a mobile applications, it might be helpful to get one for your business. The range of their use is nearly infinite, regardless of industry you operate in and your enterprises’ width. These are some of the most obvious mobile software benefits for business.


It’s in its name, and mobile applications stand for it: opportunity to carry a part of your business with you is very appealing, but it may work both ways. For example you have a team of carriers, who need to visit few parts of town during the day. WIth the right software you can track their location and set their routes across the city with precision and awareness of current traffic or orders. Or, let’s assume, you have a team of outsourcing freelancers who you need to control. In this case mobility is the key to knowledge about how they spend their time.


Nowadays mobile applications are not just portable — they’re ubiquitous and accessible as long as you have the Internet connection. A relatively new “cloud” technology allows you employees update your company’s data and participate in work processes. Its main idea lays in the concept of a “cloud” — a remote server, where all your information is safely stored, reachable at any moment. Moreover, most of modern cloud services allow working on recent documents, even without web connection.

Built in audience analysis

Most of services use Facebook or Twitter accounts, and most of the time applications get some non-personal information about their users. Using this data you can track your users’ demographic, location, time they spend for your program every day, and much more. With this information you can track application’s pulse and keep it the way users want it. Also, most of app stores have their own feedback systems, so you will always know what bugs to fix and what features you should add.

Compatibility with your data

In case you’re developing your application for an existing business, one of the features that is not so obvious is that mobile software is built from a scratch, based solely on your previous data and desires. It also can synchronize with your workers data that they upload to corporate cloud. You don’t have to build separate unadjustable databases every time you start a new project — just tell us to integrate it with your previous software, it’s that easy!

App development for businesses

When it comes to mobile software, most businessmen ask these questions:
  • Why would I need an app, if I don’t sell anything directly?
  • My services don’t get to casual users, why would I need this custom software solution?
These dilemmas are fair, but the questions to them are not so obvious. If you have a big business that is not related to direct sales or any consumable product, it might seem illogical to order an app creation, but on the other hand your company may require productivity and control tools for your employees. With a right software you can oversee your staff’s productivity and assign them tasks directly through your corporate network, which is crucial when you need all the information stored and assorted in one place.

Our advantages

As a highly experienced team of business application developers, our company may help you evaluate the risks and costs of your future software, and prognose an outcome of its release. Our agency takes pride in strict scheduling, splendid completion of tasks, and paying off your expectations. Designers, coders, and software architects all combine their skills and wits to produce a powerful tool that will assist your plans and hopes come true. We are the company that consists of high-qualified developers that has brought its mastery at creation of IT solutions to the highest levels, and we won’t hesitate or pass in front of a challenging project.
The possible benefits of correctly designed application are approaching infinity, and it’s obvious that almost any business will get a large advantage from it. You may not know what you want exactly — don’t worry, that’s okay, that’s what our team is here for. Our team will guide you through the whole process of development. Just contact us and dive into an ocean of possibilities with your fresh app!