Bespoke Business Software: is it a Necessity?

Our custom software development firm welcomes you and would like to offer its services. Being the masters of bespoke application development, our team is always in search for new challenging tasks and fulfillment of our clients’ desires.

What we do

Custom program development is a huge industry nowadays, and one does not simply find a developers team that would meet all the requirements for a particular business. But luckily you’ve come here, the place where the art of software creation meets with a strict organization and discipline. Our company has been producing stunning applications for more than 10 years, and today we offer these services:
  • Consulting on software development: our digital agency will advise you on the possible difficulties you may encounter during this process and help to avoid them;
  • Creation and integration of bespoke business programs into the workflow of your company;
  • Analysis and troubleshooting of your current applications;
  • QA testings;
  • Creation of UX/UI design.

What is bespoke design?

When we talk about bespoke in the world of software, this term defines programs that perfectly fit your enterprise. To create a bespoke application, our team investigates your business and tries to find points of contact where the future software will apply in the best way. Our custom software development company stands its ground in terms of satisfying clients, and we will apply all of our efforts to make sure that the program you get in the end is the best you can get.
Our design team adjusts to your needs, and every development process goes in its unique way, according to client’s requirements and demands. This said, you can expect personalized approach for any issue that you might have during the development.
  • Benefits of bespoke business software

  • Archiving

  • Task and team management

  • Content management

  • Corporate bespoke software

  • Custom software for small businesses

Benefits of bespoke business software

The first thing you need to realize is that there are not these many companies who wouldn’t win from getting a custom software. There’s an enormous range of ways in which a proper software can be used.
At some point, it became easier to create an efficient application rather than keep a bloated accounting unit. The books and bills are slowly going into digital files and being transferred into cloud storages. This can save lots of time and energy for accountants all around the world, and also allows business owners cut the expenses.


Bespoke apps not only allow your workers store all the documentation on the corporate server instead of stacking piles of paper but also get it at any time swiftly! And since your software will be sharpened to your data, the productivity of the whole system will go up.

Task and team management

Custom software can improve your company’s workflow in general with timetables, corporate chats, and controlling tools. Just imagine a corporate social network where your employees can share ideas and plans about the current project in progress but with strict deadlines and detailed plans!

Content management

A crucial tool for any blog platform online media, content management systems (often abbreviated to CMS) is bread and butter of any site that relies on multimedia. To handle the task of uploading and administration of all this content, one must have a powerful tool that will be efficient yet intuitive.
There are dozens of ways in which bespoke software can improve your company, and there’s no point in naming them all here. Try to comprehend for a second how great would it be to have a specialized tool for the things you do. It’s okay to use “off-the-shelf” software for tasks that are not so crucial for your business or don’t affect in general. But if you want a mighty instrument for you most peculiar needs, the bespoke business software would be the right choice.

Corporate bespoke software

The diversity of custom software causes developers to divide it into smaller groups united by common characteristics. Depending on client’s needs and application’s purposes it is often categorized into two big groups. Tailored software opens mesmerizing opportunities for any business, but when we talk about mature and respectable ones, a proper set of programs can work wonders. A custom application can give your staff a ton of free time to concentrate on urgent tasks and projects. Also, the bespoke business software can unite your distant units and branch offices in different cities or even countries!

Custom software for small businesses

Some developers, in the paroxysm of their pride, spread the prejudice that corporate applications are something that belongs to the world of massive conglomerates of companies but our bespoke software development firm doesn’t share this point of view. First of all, custom applications not only enhance your workflow but also add status points to your company, emphasizing the fact that your approach to the business is serious. And secondly, the mobile market grows at incredible rates, transferring most of the profits to itself from offline retail and services.
To underline this section, it’s evident that benefits for your business in the long run overweight the short-term expenses that custom software development causes. Keep that in mind the next time when you’ll think of rational expenditure of resources to improve your business.

The process of custom software development

For years our bespoke software development company have been practicing the art of program and application building. After all this time our team has reached the point where the goals prevail over process because the last is trained to almost automatic precision. Thus said we spend more time on concentrating on what you need and the ways it has to be done rather than coordination of our work.

Marketing research

Before our team starts the creation of your tailored software, our marketing team makes a research of the industry that you’re placed in. They look for the know-hows of your competitors and prepare a detailed report on available features for your problem. But if there are no such things that could be useful for our task, we go straight to the next phase and build your software from scratch.

Coming up with a plan

The most crucial and significant part of the whole process, planning determines the features you’re expecting to see in your business software. Our team will discuss all the details that are paramount in your application and give the verdict about the whole situation: the cost of development, time estimated, and other information.

Our design

As soon as our team has the plan, it’s just the matter of time when you’re going to get your application. Firstly, our design unit will come up with the ideas of your program. How should it look? How should it behave? Should it be strictly structured or fluid and mellow? Our team will set on every aspect of your application to make it the way you want it and assure that all your requirements are fulfilled.

Time to program!

The essential part of any development process, coding defines the ways your custom software will work. All the features, all the functions are set at this phase with a little help of top bespoke software technologies, such as Objective-C, Java, and many more. Feel free to add or remove some of the perks from your application at this stage — our agency would love to see you pleased!

Passing the tests

Your program is almost ready, but our team will need to perform a series of vital tests that will show if it’s ready for the release. These tests include compatibility tests, launch and load tests, quality assurance tests — dozens of various checks to guarantee that it works the way it was intended to.

Smashing the bugs

Hold on, we're almost there! Like any good sword needs polishing, your software requires a meticulous scrutiny from our debugging branch. These guys are always there to find little inconsistencies that won’t deal severe damage to the application but may slow it down or spoil the user experience.

Never let you down

You didn’t think that with the release our companionship is over, did you? Then our agency would like to emphasize that our team is always there to give you a hand when the users want to add new features or fix the old ones.
Our custom business software firm has revealed the formula of making the development process easy for both sides: while our developers gain experience and get pleasure from the action itself, you oversee the way of it and receive thorough reports about it.

Why our company?

Our firm stands on three elephants of these principles:
  • Experience is paramount;
  • But the team is everything that matters;
  • As long as the client is satisfied.
Just by abiding these simple rules our software agency have reached incredible results in the area of development. All of our team members: designers, coders, program architects, managers — all of them are experienced professionals, the sharks in the ocean of IT. We made the process of development comparable to an easy ride that goes smoothly and straightforward.
The main purpose why our company is in this business is that we want to help you to improve your business and reach the new heights. Just leave your information, and our managers will get in touch with you as soon as possible.