Android App Developers, who Create Perfect Apps

Our Android developer team has learned to do just that through years of experience honing their skills and learning all the nuances of this popular platform. For any client seeking to expand their company’s presence on Android smartphones and tablets.

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What we offer:

  • Bespoke Android development
  • Android UX/UI design
  • Hybrid mobile application development
  • Android to iOS / iOS to Android porting
  • Android-based application testing
  • Android app code audit
  • Post-launch support and maintenance
  • Integration of Android apps with existing software solutions
  • Google Play market optimization

Digging Deeper into Android Development

When developing and designing Android applications there are numerous questions to be answered, and many of the solutions depend on the precise needs of a business. Android allows extensive opportunities for customization to meet those requirements, and a major decision in creating any application for the platform is deciding on the exact type of application you need.

Native Apps

Native applications are programs that run entirely on the power of the device on which they are installed, meaning smartphones and tablets. These apps are available for Android in Google Play and their level of performance is entirely dependent upon the capabilities of the device it is running on. That means it can take advantage of functions and features of these devices, such as accessing cameras, contacts, GPS and more, as well as being able to run even without any internet connectivity.

Web Apps

Web applications are more dynamic websites than true mobile applications, but their optimization to run on mobile devices gives them the look and feel of such apps. Web apps are used created using HTML/HTML5 and run through web browsers. These apps benefit from requiring no disk space or download to run and are accessible to anyone with the correct link (and sometimes login credentials), and their performance is dependant upon the power of the external servers they run on. One limitation is they do require internet connectivity to function, but this is seldom an issue in modern workspaces.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid applications combine the best features of native and web apps and for Android are also found in Google Play for download. However, as they tend to run in browsers and are created using HTML5, they can often be confused for web applications.
  • Developing Native Applications

  • Different Native Android Apps

  • Developing Hybrid Android Apps

Developing Native Applications

Building a first-rate native app for Android generally involves a number of Google instruments like the Android Software Development Kit (Google SDK). Our developer team know more than just how to use it - they are familiar with the idea of how to get the most out of it using Android’s built-in tools like messenger, camera, GPS, accelerometer and push notifications. With our programmers you can be sure that your application uses the Android operating system to the fullest.

Different Native Android Apps

Native apps are perfect for creating excellent user experience with rich interfaces that conform to the exact device they are running on, which is why our app design company offers the following types of native Android app development:

- Bespoke smartphone apps

- Bespoke tablet apps

- Wearable Android apps

- Android API

Developing Hybrid Android Apps

Hybrid apps are typically structured using HTML5 and then designers and developers use languages like CSS to creature their visuals and JavaScript to add dynamic functionality. Our developers utilize high-level languages to build powerful hybrids that serves as a cross-platform solutions that works across numerous devices with minimal time to market. Our hybrid development services include:

- Smartphone apps

- Tablet apps

- Wearable device apps

How We Approach the Development Process

Years of experience have taught us the right and wrong way to approach Android development. From early failures and subsequent successes we have developed strategies that all of our Android application developers adhere to throughout the creative process that ensure both your and our own expectations are matched to the letter. We are perfectionists in our craft and deliver nothing short of flawless applications that blend superb user experience, unbreakable security systems and transformative functionality.

To keep the high standards our development company staff utilize the following methodology.

Market Research and Idea Validation

We don’t believe in wasting anyone’s time, and that’s why we start every prospective project with an honest assessment of any idea’s viability. We know the market, we follow it and we have a strong understanding of what ideas will succeed. At this point we determined whether the idea would have any traction among Android users, whether the market is already saturated with similar applications that aren’t generating profits, and whether our prospective client is committed to developing and maintaining a dedicated business application.

Our assessment is based upon much more than our experience, too. We conduct preliminary, and later deeper, market research to understand not only the chances of success, but also to establish realistic expectations of how well a successful application will perform, as well as what additional features and functions are necessary to achieve the maximum return on our clients investment. The extent of our research and planning at this stage includes:
  • Business investigation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Data-flow analysis
  • A clickable mockup
  • Monetization strategy
  • ROI assessment
  • Technical specifications

App Design

Once everyone has a clear picture of what to expect and clear, measurable objectives have been established, our Android development gurus gets to work. While Google Play places fewer restrictions on aspects like design than their counterparts at the iOS App Store do, we still adhere to the more restrictive guidelines when it comes to User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design. Every application should leave a powerful impression upon its users that encourage them to return, bolstering client retention and promoting the app owner’s brand as impressive and reliable. User-friendly applications that have a logical intuitive flow on top of a head-turning visual scheme enjoy a distinct competitive advantage.

At this stage we undertake and create:
  • Design concepts
  • App mockups
  • Graphical user interface testing
  • Design approval by client branding experts

Flexible, Iterative Development

As seasoned Android developers , we follow the Agile methodology while we are on a project. That means we hit every deadline, eliminate all bugs and errors and deliver a viable, working first-class product in the quickest time possible. The Agile approach is based on certain core principles:
  • Quick delivery (weeks, not months)
  • Top-quality end product
  • Rapid implementation of changes at ANY stage of development
  • Close, consistent lines of communication between developers and client
  • Preference for face-to-face communication
  • Client dedication to the project
  • Maintained trust in client’s ultimate success
  • Progress is measured in functioning software
  • Functional perfection and user-friendly design
  • Simplicity and ease-of-use
  • Self-organized development teams
  • Adaptive follow-on support and upgrades

Quality Control

We take what we do very seriously, and the quality of what we do is a point of pride for our company. Quality assurance is tightly controlled by our app developers at every point in the development process. We conduct rigid and repeated testing of all features and functions in each app, comprehensively document each step of the process, check cross-platform compatibility across the widest range of devices possible, ensure logical, user-friendly navigation and judge our results against user experience.

The following activities are staples of our QA specialists responsibilities:
  • QA testing plan
  • Code review
  • Bug reporting
  • Functional testing
  • App integration testing
  • Software performance testing
  • User experience evaluation

Product Launch

Having gone to the lengths we have to create and test a product that we believe meets and exceeds expectations, we then prepare to go live. We first pass trial runs on the Google Developer Account and Test Flight before conducting any final changes to fully optimize for launch in the Google Play market.

Our pre-release preparation process includes:
  • Application analytics
  • Configuration of servers
  • SSL certification
  • Proper application submission to Google Play
  • Software performance monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Continuous support and maintenance

Post-Release Support

Our iOS and Android development agency is fully invested in each of our projects’ success and our team continues their contributions in different ways even after an application has been built and launched on Google Play. This support is targeted at guaranteeing the application continues to perform as our clients need and that they are able to achieve the highest-impact while seeing the greatest return on their investment as Android and its associated devices and users continue to conform to changing trends in the market.

Efforts to keep any application up-to-date involve:
  • Analytic research of user behavior
  • Continuous debugging with the release of updates
  • Forming and adherence to monetization strategies
  • Optimizing of user acquisition and retention

Customizing the Android OS

As an open-source operating system, Android permits an extensive amount of creativity at every level of personalisation, which gives branding specialists numerous opportunities for customization. Given these possibilities, some companies are able to take off-the-shelf tablets and smartphones and customize them to fully encapsulate the company’s brand before distributing them to customers and employees. Businesses can use such customization with company-owned devices to track productivity, keep logs and automate message and information distribution.

If you are looking for top-to-bottom customized Android device solutions, we offer:
  • Fully branded Android boot logo and boot animation
  • Android platform personalization
  • Bespoke solutions (MVP to an enterprise portal) for any company
The Android operating system accounts for more than 80% of global mobile usage and runs on more than 20,000 unique types of smartphones and tablets from major companies like Samsung, Sony Mobile, LG, and HTC, to name a few. When considering how to expand a business into the digital realm, ignoring Android can only be done at one’s peril, and many companies do ultimately decide that the benefits make it too good an opportunity to pass up.

The reality, though, is that while Google’s Android operating system is open source and widely used, development is complicated by these factors. Creating an application with stunning design and impressive functionality is an achievement, but Android app developers must also understand how to achieve it so that the same pleasing, engaging, user-friendly, powerful and profitable application works across the wide array of screen sizes and versions it will ultimately run on.

The Benefits of Professional Android App Development

Quality and experience go a long way in the field of Android application development. Our team have worked hard to become trailblazers of the industry and continue to perfect their craft and find innovative and creative ways to address the needs of diverse businesses.

Our mobile agency guarantees that all of our solutions possess the following characteristics, which are critical to their success:

1. GPS tracking

2. Efficient battery usage

3. Social tools (messengers, chats, video and phone calls)

4. Seamless multi-source communication

5. Integration with hardware

6. Flexible user engagement

7. Source code protection

8. Advanced data security

9. Highly efficient approaches to development

Our collaborative approach with a focus on user experience and value-driven results have proven themselves time and time again as we deliver Android applications and solutions that propel our clients past their competitors and allow them to grow their businesses in new and exciting ways.

Get in contact with us today to share your ideas and begin planning how to take your business to the next level with our first-class Android solutions.